Growing Old With Yoga

David Goldblatt

“Life is challenging for all of us at every stage. Each stage has its own complications and getting older in particular has its own complications. To have a practice which will help us to develop resilience at each stage is what yoga can do for us.”

Growing Old With Yoga

David Goldblatt began his study and practice of Iyengar Yoga in 1972 and teaching since 1976.  His practice has grown beyond the mat to be fully realized in living life.

In this workshop we will spend half of the time in a discussion/dialogue on yoga practice and its effects with aging and end of life followed by a 45 minute breathwork (pranayama) practice that will quiet the fluctuations of the mind and bring a sense of calm.


This workshop designed for those who are seeking a dialogue on how yoga may accompany us through the years. Yoga practice has become more widespread in the USA since the1960’s.  Now many practitioners and yoga teachers have four and more decades of experience to share with others.  Illness and injury in our youth are often temporary but as we age these can be permanent or even fatal. 


Students often turn to yoga for guidance both physically and spiritually as it is often an accessible way to build flexibility in our body and steadiness and ease in our mind. our discussion we will focus on the yoga philosophy concepts of Abhyasa (practice), Viragya (non-attachment) and Abhinivesah (fear of death) and how these evolve as we age.  Our dialogue will allow for expression of ideas, fears, denial, truth, reality, and more, while maintaining acceptance and humility.


Anyone who is interested to explore how yoga can guide and teach us as we live longer and more actively. If you have a desire to feel supported by a community to humanize the relationship to getting older as you go forth on your path and are seeking tools to uncover the answers that are within each of us, in the wisdom of our body.  

PRICING: $45 per Workshop, $150 for all 4 Workshops – Recording will be made available to all registrants and available for 30 days. If you unable to attend live, a recording will be sent a few days after the workshop.