You’re as Young as Your Spine

Patricia Walden

“Yoga helps us to stay seated in your truth – to stay with your heart and with that comes a resilience, an ability to withstand adversity. Yoga not only has the capacity to nourish and nurture our bodies but also yoga creates buoyancy in our heart and vibrancy in our brain.”

You’re as Young as Your Spine

Patricia Walden began her study with BKS Iyengar in 1976. She is respected as one of his most capable students and teachers throughout the world. Her devotion to her teacher and to the subject of yoga has defined her life’s journey. Patricia was listed by Yoga Journal as one of the 25 American Yoga Originals who have helped shape yoga in the West. Time Magazine has also featured her work with yoga and healing. Patricia has a special interest in yoga, specifically for women and yoga for depression.

In this workshop we will start with our center, our spine and its critical role in maintaining mobility and stability as we age. We all hear the adage to stand up straight and this is not so easy as we age. The thoracic spine is one of the first parts of the body to lose mobility.  This workshop will explore the physical and mental benefits of a healthy spine and offer opportunities through asana and breathing to build more mobility safely as we age.


This workshop designed for those who are seeking ways to manage the effects of gravity and chronic postural patterns. As you age, the thoracic spine and ribcage begins to round, stiffen and the body becomes shorter and more compressed. In this workshop you will work with postures and breathing to help the spinal column straighten so that the chest and shoulders broaden. 


In this workshop you will learn to keep the thoracic spine and ribcage young and mobile through asana and pranayama. Through this work, you may discover that you breathe more freely and your mood might even be elevated!  Another adage, this a yoga one, is that “You are as young as your spine!”


We all want to feel safe, strong and upright as we age and this workshop is designed to support each of us in our aging process so we can approach it with resilience, humility and grace.  This workshop will be of particular interest to anyone who is interested to explore how yoga can help to build stability and flexibility especially in our spine as we age.  The body has this wisdom within itself and if you are interested to learn how yoga can be a foundation and a roadmap for healthy, thriving aging then this workshop is for you!