Moving from Stability

Roni Brissette

“I liken aging to a piece of fabric and fabric has a grain to it, like velvet. With aging, you have to go with the grain. Go in the direction of versus against it. Because against it is resistance. So much of aging is “going with” versus “going against”.”

Moving from Stability

Roni Brissette is a Junior Intermediate Iyengar Teacher who has been teaching Iyengar Yoga since 1993 and currently has been teaching online a series of classes on the Body Wisdom incorporating love of yoga, nutrition and the Dharma.

In this workshop we will focus on strengthening the feet, the legs particularly the quadriceps muscles, and the abdomen through familiar yoga asanas as well as some functional exercises. We will integrate all those muscles in order to balance. Meditation and reflection on the wisdom of the body will be included in this workshop. You will cultivate a playful attitude towards standing balancing poses as you see them in a new light!


This workshop designed for those who are struggling with balance, who feel unstable, fearful or worried about their balance. Please have a pair of sneakers available for this workshop.


Students will see standing balancing poses in a new way not solely from the feet but from the legs and core muscles. Approach balance without a battle of can or can’t but rather as integration of body parts vs reliance on one part.


Those who want to learn how to develop balance; to learn how to recruit the necessary muscles for balancing on their legs with ease.

Anyone who is interested in building a strong and stable form from the feet up in order to balance on their legs better. Those practitioners who want to approach balance in a new light with a sense of play and confidence.

PRICING: $45 per Workshop, $150 for all 4 Workshops – Recording will be made available to all registrants and available for 30 days. If you unable to attend live, a recording will be sent a few days after the workshop. The Learning Lab is included with the price of the workshop.