Growing Old With Yoga

David Goldblatt

In this workshop we will spend half of the time in a discussion/dialogue on yoga practice and its effects with aging and end of life followed by a 45 minute breathwork (pranayama) practice that will quiet the fluctuations of the mind and bring a sense of calm.

Moving from Stability

Roni Brissette

In this workshop we will focus on strengthening the feet, the legs particularly the quadriceps muscles, and the abdomen through familiar yoga asanas as well as some functional exercises.

Form and Function: Our Hips as We Age

Karin Stephan

In this workshop we will start by asking ourselves what is the relationship between the correct form in the practice of our Yoga asanas and the subsequent positive results both in terms of our muscular/skeletal system, our internal organs system and our sense of well being as to how we feel and look as we age.

You’re as Young as Your Spine

Patricia Walden

In this workshop we will start with our center, our spine and its critical role in maintaining mobility and stability as we age. We all hear the adage to stand up straight and this is not so easy as we age. The thoracic spine is one of the first parts of the body to lose mobility. This workshop will explore the physical and mental benefits of a healthy spine and offer opportunities through asana and breathing to build more mobility safely as we age.